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Common Areas of Concern
Stress; Anxiety; Panic; Obsessions & Compulsions;  ADHD / attention problems; Child Behavior Problems; Parenting Concerns; Depression; Difficulty Managing Emotions; Adjusting to Life Changes; Perfectionism; Relationship Problems

None taken. Insurance companies will often reimburse charges through out-of-network coverage. Services can be paid for with flexible spending account funds, and may also be tax deductible.

Life is a balancing act. Find your balance.

In today’s world, there are many demands that can be difficult to balance. When one area of our life falls out of balance, other areas often follow. This can result in mental or physical health problems, problems in our relationships, or problems in school or work performance. In children, behavior problems may result.

At some point we all encounter situations that challenge our balance. Sometimes we are able to meet those challenges and regain our balance on our own, but sometimes we need to seek help from others. Knowing when to seek help is a sign of strength.

Did you know?

Mental health concerns are common; as many as 1 in 3 adults has been estimated to have a        diagnosable mental health problem in any given year.
Children are not immune; about half of all lifetime cases of diagnosable mental health problems        begin by age 14. Up to 1 in 5 children has a mental health problem.
Untreated mental health concerns can lead to more severe problems later in life.
With appropriate treatment, it is possible for people with mental health concerns to lead happy        and productive lives.
Even if you do not have a diagnosable mental health disorder, you may be able to benefit from        addressing your concerns with a psychologist.


Dr. Weiss is available to do presentations. Please call for more information.
Recent presentation topics have included:
        3 Keys to Effective Parenting
        Parenting Through Divorce
        Stress Management and Caregiver Stress
        Teen Coping
        Anxiety and Perfectionism
        Using DBT Skills with Children in Schools

Are you feeling stressed?

Does your life feel out of control?

I'm here to help.

Why suffer unnecessarily? If life’s challenges are starting to feel overwhelming to you, or if they seem to be overwhelming your child, and you’re not sure what to do, it’s probably time to seek help. I have worked successfully with children and adults with a variety of concerns to learn new skills for improving their lives. I incorporate techniques that have been supported by research into my work with each client, while maintaining respect for each individual’s unique situation. I see my clients as partners in the therapeutic relationship, and the ultimate experts on their own lives. By working together, we can find ways for you or your family to regain your balance and improve your life.

I strongly believe that you should feel comfortable with the therapist you choose, and hopeful about therapy. When you feel this way, therapy is more likely to be very helpful to you. On this website, I describe my background and my approach to therapy, and provide answers to commonly asked questions and links to helpful websites, books, and articles. You can also view and print forms regarding my policies and forms for your first session. If you have any questions after reviewing this site, please do not hesitate to contact me.

To make an appointment or set up a brief telephone consultation to see if I’m the right psychologist for you, call 713-263-0400 ext. 205.

A note about telephone calls
In order to give each client my full attention, I do not answer phone calls during sessions. As a result, I am not always able to answer phone calls immediately. When I am unavailable, my telephone is answered by voicemail that I monitor frequently. Messages left within business hours are generally returned the same day. I will do my best to return calls within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends or holidays.

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