Are you feeling stressed?
Does your life feel out of control?
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Ehrin Weiss, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Ehrin Weiss, Ph.D.,
Clinical Psychologist

Why suffer unnecessarily? If life’s challenges are starting to feel overwhelming to you, or if they seem to be overwhelming your child, and you’re not sure what to do, it’s probably time to seek help. I have worked successfully with children and adults with a variety of concerns to learn new skills for improving their lives. I incorporate techniques that have been supported by research into my work with each client, while maintaining respect for each individual’s unique situation. I see my clients as partners in the therapeutic relationship, and the ultimate experts on their own lives. By working together, we can find ways for you or your family to regain your balance and improve your life.

I strongly believe that you should feel comfortable with the therapist you choose, and hopeful about therapy. When you feel this way, therapy is more likely to be very helpful to you. On this website, I describe my background and my approach to therapy, provide answers to commonly asked questions, and share blog articles related to each of my specialty areas. If you have any questions after reviewing this site, please do not hesitate to contact me.

To make an appointment or set up a brief telephone consultation to see if I’m the right psychologist for you, call (713-702-3770 or contact me here.


Anxiety Treatment

Are you or your child consumed by worry, stress, or fear? Do you often feel as if you’re on the verge of losing control? Do you feel constantly exhausted, but lie awake at night, unable to sleep? Do you feel like you’re always on edge?

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Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities and changes in your life? Do you feel super stressed about getting into and going to “the right” college? Are you worried that one wrong move will ruin your entire life? Do you feel judged, misunderstood, left out, or like you’re just too different?

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child counseling

Is your school-aged child having difficulty dealing with emotions? Are you worried about your child’s success and lifelong wellbeing? Is your child constantly seeking reassurance or predicting the worst-case scenario?

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Parenting Counseling

Do you and your co-parent disagree about the best way to raise your child? Are you worried that you aren’t responding to your child in healthy, productive ways? Do you feel as though your child never listens to you or does what you ask? Do you feel overwhelmed by conflict with your child?

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